Peter Taffe

Here comes the rain!

We have all heard April showers bring May flowers.  As in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. The water of the Word of God is what we need to open up and blossom and to become fruitful.   Psalm 1:3 tells us we are the blessed and that we would be like trees planted by rivers, a continuous water supply.

Here comes the rain!  Are you ready to get your dreams wet and let them come alive?  You remember dreams, right?  God is going to rain on your dreams and end the drought!

“R” is for Revelation.  Revelation is seeing things the way God sees. Revelation is the divine building material of our souls.  Just one kingdom insight can change your life forever.  God wants to open our eyes to who He is, who we are, and what we can do, as well as what He can do in and through us—don’t forget more are with you than against you.

“A” is for alignment.  God is bringing things in alignment with His Word.  I believe our hearts and the words coming out of our mouths must be in alignment with God’s Word.  When our words are aligned with Him, the power of God flows without hindrance. There is no delay.  Furthermore, a free course for God’s Word to work mightily in us is opened unto us through alignment.

 “I” is for increase.  It is settled.  God blesses us to be fruitful and to multiply and replenish and to be a blessing in the lives of others.  Increase, take the limits off your dreams and allow yourself to think big.   God wants to do big things in and through you.

 “N” is for now.  Increase is for now.  It’s our time now to show the power of God and to prove his Word is nigh/near us, even in our mouth.  It is now time to speak and declare His truth.   Here comes the rain!  God has sent His Word to water your dreams.  You have been put in a position to blossom like never before.

Thank you, Life by Design, for holding up my hands and being my partner in this faith walk!  God truly has shown me His love through each of you of Life by Design.   I love you!


Pastor Peter Taffe